What is Unity Feed?

Unity Feed is a high speed stream of compacted odd data retrieved from a host of sportbooks. This stream is delivered to your application through a well-defined API, which is built so that you can easily understand and consume. The data is structured in familiar terminologies of the betting world.

Using the feed API together with our betting API, you can build your own trading applications to bet on biggest sportbooks with highest combined limits in the market.

In term of volume, the feed delivers real-time odd data for thousands of sport events all over the world, including sports like soccer, basketball, tennis and more to come. Further more, it is

  • Fast — with very high frequency refresh rate, real-time updates is pushed to your application the moment an odd changes or a market becomes available.
  • Flexible — customizable filters allows narrowing down and listening to only the data your applications or users interest in.
  • Efficient — delta feed ensures bandwidth efficiency even when data size is enormous
  • Multiple platforms — our API is natively supported in JAVA but you can always use other languages and access our feed through a TCP relayer.

How to read the feed documentation?

It is important that you understand the basic concept before using our feed. Check out the concept section before you start. Once the basic concepts are firm, check out the Java getting started and Non-java getting started sections to start learning how to consume our feed.

For JAVA user, you can further check out more detailed explanation of the library in sections such as client views, push mode, filtering and api levels. There is also a migration section to help you move from our previous version using the old record fetcher library.

For non-java user, please read the API to understand the schema of messages sent to you through our TCP sockets.