Important notice

Multiple versions of Betting APIs

As you might notice, under Betting API (on the left menu) there are three versions of the APIs:

  • Version 1: This is the old version where only soccer is supported.
  • Version Transition: This is the transitional version where we modify some parameters of version 1 to additionally support multiple sport. This is probably the version you are still using as of 12th March 2020.
  • Version 2: This is the latest version where API is exclusively made to support betting on multiple sport type and it is not compatible with version 1.

At the begining, when introducing the new sports Basketball and Tennis, we intended to only have one Version Transition with the API that is compatible with version 1 and at the same time support version 2. However, this has caused certain confusions due to the incompatability between version 1 and version 2. As such, at 12th March 2020, we additionally introduce version 1 and version 2. The version 1, is for your reference only if you are still only betting exclusively on soccer using our old feed data structure. The version 2, is the latest API that supports soccer and also other sports. It uses the new feed data structure.

We suggest that you upgrade to the version 2 as soon as possible cause the other two versions will be removed in near future.

Betting with Exchanges

When betting with bet exchanges such as Matchbook or Betfair, please note that when you submit a bet it will be matched against other offer on the exchange. As such, your bet might be unmatched, matched partially, or matched fully. This means that, you will need to use the get status API to track the stake and status of the bet if its status is still EXCHANGE_MATCH_AWAIT

When the bet is in EXCHANGE_MATCH_AWAIT if it is matched successfully or partially, its final confirmed stake will be available when its status changed to EXCHANGE_DELETED or ACCEPTED.