We provide a set of RESTful API so you can get bets’ information, place bets and query for their status. With these API you’ll have a universal way to interact with all our supported sportsbooks.

Before going into each API, it’s worth to mention that the outputs of all API will be in JSON format. They will also have following common properties:

  • actionStatus: integer status code of the response, see more here.
  • actionMessage: description of the status code to provide more information, here.
  • reqId: same as the supplied reqId in the request, use for tracking purpose.

The API can be accessed through the web URL given to you. For example,

To access our API, you will need to obtain a set of credentials from a supplier. Our API is currently stateless and requires you to submit you credentials with each request. To learn how to encode your credentials, please check here

The documentation of our API is written using Open API specification. You can read it here. It is recommend that for each API call, you check out the schema of the response to understand it fully, as shown below:

alt text